Add HP Printer on Windows 11

If you are new to using Windows 11 and have no clue how to add HP Printer on Windows 11, this article will help you with three different methods to do that. To know further, keep scrolling!

Why is your HP printer unable to add on Windows 11?

There are very few reasons for your HP Printer not being able to add on Windows 11. They are:

1. Your HP Printer is not compatible with the system.

2. Your Printer drivers are outdated.

3. If you are using a wired Printer, there are chances that there might be issues with the USB cable.

4. The HP smart app is not updated.

Methods to Add HP Printer on Windows 11

Follow the methods mentioned below to add your HP Printer on Windows 11:

Method 1: Add HP Printer on Windows 11 with Wired Connection

Windows 11 handles HP Printers via USB or Ethernet connection. To add HP Printer on Windows 11 with Wired Connection, follow these steps:

1. Connect your computer and PC using an appropriate cable and corresponding port.

2. Open the Settings in your system.

settings windows 11 to Add HP Printer on Windows 11

3. Go to the Printers and Scanners page.

Printers and Scanners windows 11

4. Lastly, locate your Printer, identify and connect it.

Method 2: Add HP Printer on Windows 11 with Wireless Protocol

To build a wireless connection between your Printer and system, it is essential that both the devices have compatible versions of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Follow the steps mentioned below to add HP Printer on Windows 11 with Wireless Protocol (both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth):

1. Firstly, you need to ensure that your PC and Printer are on the same wireless connections; be it Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, they should be on the same networks.

2. Now, go to Settings and then select Printers and scanners.

Printers and Scanners windows 11 to Add HP Printer on Windows 11

3. Next, click the Add a device option, after which a drop-down menu will appear.

add device windows 11

4. When your Printer is located, click the new Add device option from the list.

5. If your Printer PIN prompts you, enter it and finally confirm your Printer as added to your system.

Method 3: Add HP Printer on Windows 11 with Wi-Fi

If your HP Printer supports Wi-Fi direct for connection between devices, follow the given steps to add it on Windows 11:

1. Firstly, you need to enable the W-Fi direct pairing on your Printer.

2. Then, go to Settings and click Printers and scanners.

Printers and Scanners windows 11

3. Once again, select Add device.

add device windows 11 to Add HP Printer on Windows 11

4. Next, instead of adding the Printer manually, you need to select the show W-Fi direct printers, which will be available only if a printer with direct Wi-Fi is available.

5. Add your WPS PIN and all the other necessary credentials.

6. Now, select the Add Device option and choose your Printer from the list.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What are the steps by which I can restart the print spooler on my HP printer?

Answer: You can restart the print spooler using the following steps:

1. Firstly, you need to delete all the print jobs in the print queue folder.

2. Then, go to Services in the Printer Settings and tap on Print Spooler. Right-click it, and select the Start button.

3. Lastly, open the program you closed down and try printing the document.

Q2. Why is it that my HP printer is giving me an error code?

Answer: Your HP Printer is giving error codes due to issues in your Printer and system connectivity or driver issues. You can solve it by running a power cycle with your Printer by switching it off and disconnecting it from the power cable. Then, wait for a few minutes and reconnect it to the power cable and try running it again to check if the issue has been solved.

Q3. How do I fix my HP printer if it won’t print?

Answer: To fix this issue, you can follow these steps:

1. Disconnect your Printer from the system and go to the Control panel.

2. Now go to programs and features and select your HP printer entries and uninstall them.

3. Now, go back to the main Control Panel page and select Devices and Printer.

4. There, select all the printer entries and remove the device. You can now restart your computer.

Q4. Why is my PC not connecting to my wireless HP printer?

Answer: This issue could be arising due to a connectivity issue between your system and the Printer. You should also check your Wi-Fi for the same. Further, you can check the ink cartridge and drivers of the Printer too.

Q5. How do you fix Windows Cannot connect to the Printer?

Answer: To fix the printer connection issue, follow these steps:

1. Open the Run dialog box, type the following, and hit the Enter key:


2. From the page that opens, click All Drivers.

3. Then, right-click the printer driver and click Delete on the pop-up menu.

4. Finally, add the Printer again.


We hope you will now be able to add your HP Printer on Windows 11 with the methods discussed above. However, if you are still not able to solve the problem then, you can connect with us via the chat box at the bottom right or through the comment section below. Again, we’ll try to help you solve the issues with Windows 11.

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