Fix PST Files

Personal Storage Table is also known as PST file. In this article we are going to discuss where & how to fix PST File. It is mainly used in some applications of Microsoft such as-

♦ Microsoft Outlook
♦ Windows Messaging
♦ Microsoft Exchange Client.

PST file is designed to provide the users the facilities of data storage space & it is limited to 2 GB. The use & popularity of PST File is increasing day by day mainly for two reasons-

♦ Easy to use
♦ Helps user to store a copy of original file

PST file is also known as Personal Address Book or Off-Line Storage. Sometimes these PST files may also face problems due to any catastrophe or virus attack. Once PST files are corrupted, you may have to lose many important data & documents.To avoid this Issue, we have to fix PST file.

Let’s see when PST files may corrupt or damage-

♦ If the size of the files exceed the storage space of 2 GB
♦ File header compaction
♦ Sharing file over a drive that is networked
♦ Unexpected shutdown
♦ Hard ware Issues
♦ Software problems