This is like any other network and the users can also face issues of different kinds. Most of the complaints come from Norton Secure VPN not working on windows 10 or doesn’t turn on. To overcome such issues we have created a list of solutions that can be used to fix the problem of Norton Secure VPN not working on window 10.

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The term Norton VPN stands as a Norton Virtual Private Network and it has been used by millions of users today from the entire world. With the help of such kind of networks, the users can hide the identity and can start surfing without generating any kind of history and also can use the internet hassle-free.

Why does your Norton Secure VPN Not Working on Windows 10?

Today, almost all the VPN’s works in the same condition and can use a single internet connection and create an AES encrypted socket within the VPN server. Almost all the data is sent or received by your device and must be sent first over the VPN server for encryption. It also requires a lot of bandwidth and hence the amount of traffic over your internet connection increases significantly.

The VPN software puts all the things on one single roof. However, if something happens to the internet connection then there is no failover. The connection might get broken but your device gets disconnected from the VPN server. This can also happen if your cell signal suddenly becomes unstable or if there remains an issue with the Wi-Fi connection that you are using.

Most of the VPN software doesn’t make use of channel bonding. This means that if your device cannot get connected to the Internet or Wi-Fi then VPN can also rely on a single connection. Also, you usually don’t get benefit from the bandwidth or connection redundancy. Due to this reason, the VPN gets disconnected after every few minutes and thus it leaves you unprotected.

Here has been listed some reasons that why Norton secure VPN not working:

1: This problem can usually occur if Norton’s secure VPN fails to establish a connection to the VPN server.

2: Ensure that your VPN server is connected to the internet.

3: To fix this problem, you need to uninstall and then re-install the WAN Miniport drivers and then reset your network adapter settings. If still, the problems persist then un-install and re-install Norton again.

All these problems can usually get occur if Norton’s secure VPN fails to establish a connection to the VPN server. Therefore, you need to make sure that your computer device is connected well to the internet, and to fix this problem, you first need to uninstall and then re-install the WAN Miniport drivers and reset the network adapter settings. If still, the problem persists then you need to uninstall and then reinstall Norton again.

How to Fix Norton Secure VPN Stopped Working on Windows 10?

Norton Secure VPN can be used to change your IP address, data traffic and can protect all your online privacy when you are browsing the web. However, most of the users say that Norton Secure VPN stopped working on their devices and gets stuck in trying to connect, frequently gets disconnected and some other issues. If all this sounds familiar in your device then you need to check out below troubleshooting steps and fix Norton secure VPN by following the instructions:

Solution 1- Check Your Internet Connection

The most common reasons that why Norton Secure VPN may have stopped working is due to poor internet connection. If you are unable to start the Norton secure VPN then first you need to check whether you are connected to the internet and are your internet data subscription is valid.

You can check for the connectivity of your internet connection by accessing the web from your respective web browser. If still, you are not able to access the website then it means that your internet connection is not working stably and thus you can start the Norton secure VPN.

Follow the below-given steps of how to check for your internet connection:

1: Firstly, start Norton Secure VPN.

2: In the top-right corner, you need to click the user icon and then click sign out.

3: Now, click the settings icon and then click quick Norton secure VPN.

4: Next, you need to restart your device.

5: Once you have restarted your device then start Norton secure VPN and then sign in using your Norton account.

In case, if you still face the Norton VPN not working issue then you need to proceed to the next step.

Solution 2- Update your Norton Secure VPN:

Here has been listed some steps that show how you can update your Norton Secure VPN:

1: First, on the notification window, click on Update.

2: On the web-page that opens, you need to sign in to your account.

3: Now, follow all the on-screen instructions to complete the updating process.

Solution 3- Restart Your Norton Secure VPN:

For restarting your Norton Secure VPN, give a try to the following- given steps:

1: First, you need to press the Windows + R to open the Run dialog box.

2: Now, type the following text and then press Enter (services.msc).

Norton Secure VPN not Working

3: In the services window, scroll downs the list to find the Norton secure VPN service.

4: Next, you need to right-click the Norton secure VPN service and then click Stop.

5: Now, again right-click the Norton secures VPN and then click Start.

Solution 4- Update your Graphics Drivers:

Sometimes an outdated Graphics driver becomes another reason for causing the Norton fixing error. Therefore, it is better to ensure that your video graphics driver software is up-to-date in its most recent version. For setting up it:

For updating your Graphics Drivers look at the following steps below:

1: First to open the run dialog box, press the Windows + R keys.

2: Type the following text and then hit enter (devmgmt.msc).

3: Now, in the device manager window, you need to double-click on Display adapters.

4: Next, right-click on the HD graphics card and then select Properties.

Norton Secure VPN Not Working

5: On the driver tab, you need to check whether the graphics card driver is outdated or current.

6: If you see that your graphics driver is outdated then you need to update the download and then install the latest version of the graphics card driver.

7: Now, select your graphics card manufacturer.

8: Restart your computer and check if the issue has been resolved or not.

Solution 5 – Change Your DNS Setting:

Following has been listed some steps that helps in changing your DNS setting:

1: On your Windows 10, you first need to right-click the start button and then select Network Connections.

2: Now, click and change your Adapter settings.

3: Right-click your internet connection and then select Properties.

4: Next, you need to double-click Internet Protocol version 6 (TCP/IPV6).

5: Select and use the following DNS server addresses.

6: Now, set the preferred DNS server to

7: Set Alternate DNS server to

8: Next, click OK.

9: Finally, you can try to connect with Norton Secure VPN.

All these instructions help you in resolving the issues that you might have with your DNS resolver on your PC like slow page loading time, this could also be the reason that why Norton Secure VPN doesn’t work on Windows 10.

Solution 6 – Connect your Network to another Virtual Location:

You can create a Remote desktop connection to connect to a virtual machine and that is deployed to your Vnet. One of the best ways is to verify that you can connect to your VM with its private IP address, rather than its computer name. It’s just a way of your testing to see if you can connect to it or not or whether the name resolution is configured properly.

1: First, you need to locate the private IP address for your VM.

2: To find the private IP address of a VM you can view the properties for the VM or make use of the power shell.

3: Verify that you are connected properly to your VNet with a point-to-site VPN connection.

4: To open a Remote desktop connection you need to enter RDP or Remote Desktop connection in the search box on the taskbar.

5: Now, you need to select Remote Desktop connection and you can also open it by using the mstsc command in power-shell.

6: In a remote desktop connection, you need to enter the private IP address of the VM and if necessary then you need to select Show options to adjust additional settings and then connect.

Solution 7 – Scan your PC for Malware & Virus:

By default Windows 10 always scans your PC for malware with the integrated Windows security application which is also known as Windows Defender, you can, however, perform the manual scans for it.

1: On Windows 10, you first need to open your Start menu and then click the Windows security to open it.

Norton Secure VPN Stopped Working

2: You can also head to settings>Update and Security>Windows Security>Open Windows Security.

3: To perform an anti-virus malware scan, click on Virus and threat protection.

4: However, if you want a second opinion then it is always a good idea that you might have malware and a primary antivirus doesn’t find anything. For that, you can perform a scan with the use of different security applications.

Solution 8 – Refresh your Network Setting:

Either to reset your network or refreshing it try the following –given steps:

1: To reset network settings, first go to Start menu> Settings>Network and Internet>Status>Network Reset.

Norton Secure VPN Stopped Working

2: If you have a VPN or a proxy server, then it might need to be reconfigured following the reset.

3: Resetting network settings help in removing and re-installing every network adapter installed on your system.

Using the network reset utility in Windows 10 is fairly simple by following these steps:

1: Go to start menu>Settings, then select Network and Internet.

Norton Secure VPN Stopped Working

2: In the left navigation pane, you need to select Status and make sure that you are viewing the network status window. Then scroll down until you see the network reset link.

3: Click the Network Reset link and then review the Network Reset information message. When you are prepared to network your reset settings, then you need to select Reset Now.

4: Now, select yes in the network reset confirmation window. It will initiate the reset process and restart your computer.

5: Here you will get a warning message when the computer is about to reboot and you should have plenty of time to save your work and then close out all the applications.

6: When the computer gets restarted, then you will notice that your network connection isn’t active. It happens because your network card reset and released its previous connection. So, you just need to select the network icon and pick the network that you want to reconnect to and then choose Connect.

7: If your TCP/IP settings are set to automatically fetch your network connection then it should detect the appropriate network settings and then connect to the internet without any problems.

Solution 9 – Check the Root Certificate for Your Norton Secure VPN:

While examining the root certificate for your Norton secure VPN go through the below-given steps:

1: First, you need to press the Windows + R to open the Run dialog box.

2: Now, type the following text and then press Enter certlm.msc

Norton Secure VPN Stopped Working

3: Next, you need to expand the personal folder and then click Certificates.

4: In the right pane, under the issued by category, you need to look for the SurfEasy entries.

5: Now, check for Surf Easy certificates that are installed in the local machine certificate store.

6: Here if you see multiple SurfEasy entries, then you need to delete all the old certificates.

To find the date of installation for Norton, do the following:

  • Press the Windows +R keys to open the Run dialog box.
  • Now, type the following text and then press Enter (appwiz.cpl).
  • From the list of installed programs, you need to find Norton 360 or Norton secure VPN and then check the installed on a date.
  • Match the Norton and then install date along with the expiration date and delete all the duplicates.
  • Exit the certificates Manager Window.
  • Start Norton and then turn on Secure VPN.

Solution 10 – Reinstall WAN Miniport Drivers:

To uninstall the WAN Miniport from the device manager, you need to refer to these steps:

1: First and foremost you need to press Windows key + C and then select Device Manager.

Norton Secure VPN Stopped Working

2: Now, locate the WAN Miniport that shows the yellow exclamation mark.

3: Next, you need to right-click and then select Uninstall.

Solution 11 – Allow Your Norton VPN Through Windows Firewall:

Try to refer to these steps for allowing your Norton VPN through Windows Firewall:

1: Press the Win key and then type Firewall.

2: Now, select Firewall and network protection.

3: Next, you need to click Allow an app through Firewall.

4: Click and change settings.

5: Here you need to find Norton secure on the list and enable the private and public options.

6: If somehow, it’s not listed then you need to click Allow another app to locate it.

Solution 12th: Change VPN:

Norton Secure VPN is mainly offered by millions of users worldwide. However, if you have tried everything that has been mentioned in the above steps to fix this error and still the issue persists, then you can switch to some other VPN tool. Several other VPN service providers in the market can be devoid of these issues.

While this might not be the ultimate solution but working towards the ease of your usage and replacing Norton secure VPN software will ensure that you won’t need to deal with VPN-related problems. Some of the VPN solutions that are usually recommended for your Windows 10 are CyberGhost, Hotspot Shield, ExpressVPN, and NordVPN.

Norton security VPN software is undoubtedly the best among all the VPN choices available in the market and Norton Customer support is always there to help you if you face any such issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1: How to allow VPN through Windows Firewall?

Ans: Here has been listed some steps that show how to allow VPN through Windows Firewall:

1: First, you need to check for your VPN from the list of programs and apps that you want to allow through your firewall.

2: Next you need to check Public or private to select the network type on which you want the VPN to run.

3: However, if you cannot find your VPN then you need to click allow another app.

4: Select your VPN and then click Add and then click OK.

Q2: How to stop Firewall from Blocking VPN?

Ans: Look at the steps below to stop Firewall from Blocking VPN:

1: Change your VPN.

2: Now, disable your security software.

3: Add exclusion.

4: Open Ports.

5: Create a new inbound rule.

6: Change allows app settings.

7: Turn off SSL monitoring.

8: Change adapter settings.

Q3: How to get Norton VPN to work?

Ans: Refer to the given steps to get Norton VPN to work:

1:  Start Norton.

2: In My Norton Window, next to secure VPN, click turn on.

3: If your connection remains unprotected then select open.

4: In the secure VPN window, slide the VPN switch to On.

5: Now, toggle the Ad tracker blocking switch to block or allow ad tracking.

Q4: How to stop Norton from Blocking files?

Ans: While stopping the Norton from blocking files, check these below steps:

1: Start Norton.

2: In Norton’s main window, you need to click Settings.

3: In the settings window, click Firewall.

4: In the firewall settings window, click advanced program control.

5: In the automatic program control row, move the on or switch to off.

6: Finally, in the confirmation window, click Yes.

Q5: How to enable VPN on a router?

Ans: 1: First and foremost, you need to launch an internet browser from a computer or mobile device that is connected to your Router’s network.

2: The user name is Admin.

3: Now, select Advanced>Advanced setup>VPN Service.

4: Next, you need to select the Enable VPN Service check box and then click Apply.

5: Specify any VPN service settings on the page.

Q6: How to add exceptions in Norton Firewall?

Ans: For adding exceptions in Norton Firewall, perform the below-given steps:

1: First, you need to open the main page of Norton Internet security.

2: Now, left-click on settings in the upper right-hand corner of the Network window.

3: Under the Smart Firewall> Program Control” then you need to left-click on Configure.

4: Now, select Add.

5: Finally, you can browse the list starting from My computer to the licensing folder.

Q7: How to check Firewall settings on VPN?

Ans: You can check Firewall settings on VPN by the following methods:

1: First, you need to start Norton.

2: In the Norton main window, you need to click on Settings.

3: In the settings window, click Firewall.

4: On the General settings tab, in the smart firewall row, move the on/off switch to either on or OFF.

5: Now, you need to click Apply.

6: If prompted, try to select the duration until when you want the firewall feature to be turned off, and then click Ok.

Final words: To recap all the above troubleshooting steps help you in fixing Norton Secure VPN that stops working in Windows 10 and thus won’t get connected on your PC. You can check your internet connection and can add an exception in the firewall and thus verify all the root certificates. We hope that you can troubleshoot all your issues on Norton VPN that has stopped working in Windows 10 with the list of above solutions that we have provided to you in this article.

Still, if it won’t resolve your issue then you can contact our expert team they have relevant experience in finding all the possible solutions for the technical problem you can contact them via chat and they deliver you the right solutions within a couple of time and surely help you in resolving your problem and give it fixes to you as soon as possible.

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