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How to Connect Lexmark Printer to Wi-Fi or a Wireless Network? – The ultimate guide to help you connect your new or old Wireless Lexmark Printer to Wi-Fi.

Common FAQ’s Related to Connecting a Lexmark Printer to Wi-Fi

  1. How do I connect my Lexmark printer to my computer wirelessly?
  2. How do I connect Lexmark printer without CD?
  3. What is Lexmark Wireless Setup Assistant?
  4. Lexmark Wireless Setup Utility not working?
  5. Lexmark printer not connecting to network?
  6. How to setup Lexmark Printer Wirelessly?
  7. How to connect Lexmark Printer to Mac with Wi-Fi?

These are some of the commons Frequently Asked Questions which we’ve found on Lexmark printer support pages, several other printer forums, and Q&A sites. First of all, at the top of our page just below the image, you can find a content box where you can click on the topic, and it redirects you to the part of that topic inside this content.

Now, coming to the original question of how to connect Lexmark Printer to Wi-Fi? There are many ways in which you can connect Lexmark Printer to Wi-Fi without any technical hindrances. In this article, we’ve tried to cover as many solutions as possible to help you connect your Lexmark Printer to a Wireless Network.

What is Lexmark Wireless Setup Utility or Lexmark Setup Assistant?

Lexmark Wireless Setup Utility is a software package which helps to sustain a connection from a Wireless Lexmark Printer to a Wireless/Wi-Fi Connection. You can use this tool to connect your Lexmark Printer to Wi-Fi.

How to Download Lexmark Wireless Setup Utility?

Click on this link to download Lexmark Wireless Setup Utility

File Size: 28.72 MB

Supported Operating Systems: –

Windows NT 4.0, Windows Server 2003 (32-bit), Windows Server 2003 (64-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit), Windows Vista (64-bit), Windows XP (32-bit), Windows XP Professional (64-bit), Windows 2000, Windows 98 SE, Windows Me.

Method 1- How to Connect Lexmark Printer to Wi-Fi – WPS or Push Button Configuration

Confirm that your router has WPS key. WPS or Wi-Fi Protected Setup enables you to connect with any wireless devices in your home or office, which supports the Push button configuration method.

Things you require for a WPS Connection: –

  1. Wireless Lexmark Printer
  2. Wi-Fi Router with a WPS button
  3. Wireless Network using a WPA or WPA2 password

Follow these steps to connect Lexmark printer to Wi-Fi: –

A. Printers with Two Line LCD’s

Step 1-  Using the > Arrow key select the Settings option and Press OK.

settings lexmark printer

Step 2– Using the right arrow key find Network/Ports option and Press OK.


Step 3- Wireless option and Press OK.

wireless option

Step 4– Wi-Fi Protected Setup and Press OK.

Wifi Protected

Step 5– Select Start Push Button Method and Press OK.

start push button method

Step 6– Now, A message will appear “Press the WPS Key on your router within 2 minutes

press the WPS key

What you need to do is Press the WPS key on your router within two minutes and see if your Lexmark Printer is connected to Wi-Fi or not? In most cases, it will if you follow the right steps as shown in the pictures above.

B. Printers with 2.8 inch Touchscreens

Step 1– Turn on your printer and scroll down to settings option using the touchscreen.

settings option touch

Step 2– Under settings scroll down using the touchscreen and tap Network/Ports.

Network Ports Touchscreen

Step 3– Next Tap on Wireless option

wireless option touch screen

Step 4– Tap on Wi-Fi Protected Setup

Wi Fi Protected Setup Touchscreen

Step 5– Start Push Button Method 

start push button method touch

Step 6– Press the WPS Key on your router within 2 minutes to complete the setup.

press the wps key touch

Step 7– To make sure your printer is connected to the Wireless Network check Network Status on your Lexmark Printer.

Network status

It can take a couple of minutes to connect your printer to the router finally. Once the connection is established, you can install the Lexmark printer software and begin printing.

Method 2- Connect Lexmark Printer to a Network using PIN Method

PIN or Pin Identification Number method is the second method by which you can easily connect Lexmark printer to a network.

Things you require for a PIN method: –

  1. Wi-Fi Router with WPS Functions
  2. Router’s Login address, username, and password ( – admin – admin)
  3. 8 Digit WPS PIN Generated from Lexmark Printer

How to Connect Lexmark Printer to a network with PIN method?

Step 1– Turn on the printer and go to the printer’s control panel. Then follow the steps below.

Step 2– Network [x] > Network [x] Setup > Wireless > Wireless Connection Setup > Wi-Fi Protected Setup > Start PIN Method

Step 3– Copy the 8 digit WPS PIN

Step 4– Open a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari) on your PC/Laptop.

Step 5– Type in your router default IP address (192.168.X.X). Can be found the back of your router.

Step 6– Now enter your router’s username and password.

Step 7– Find Wireless Setting inside the router and Enable Wi-Fi Protected Setup

Step 8– Enter the 8 Digit PIN which you copied from the Lexmark Printer

Step 9– Click on Save to save the final settings

Wait for a few minutes and then install the Lexmark Printer software on your device and start printing.

Method 3- Using Lexmark Printer Software/Drivers

You need to download and install Lexmark printer software and the drivers first to setup your Lexmark Printer to a wireless network. Confirm that you pc/laptop is connected to the internet and then follow the methods shown below.

Step 1– Visit Lexmark Drivers and Downloads Website.

Step 2– Select Product>Operating System>Operating System Version>Choose the Language>Click Lexmark MS610 Series Driver and Software (Your Printer Driver).

lexmark printer driver page

Step 3– Click on I agree- download to download the software.

Step 4– To begin the installation process run the setup file which you downloaded

lexmark drivers package

Step 5– Select the Installation Type.

installation type Connect Lexmark Printer to Wi-Fi

Step 6– Click on Install>Agree>Continue

full installation

Step 7– Select the driver installation folder and click on Continue.

install option Connect Lexmark Printer to Wi-Fi

Step 8– Let the Installation complete and select Wireless Connection on Select Connection type and Click on Continue

wireless connection

Step 9– Inside Network Connection Select Yes and Continue

network connection

Step 10– The software will try to Scan the network to locate the Wireless Lexmark Printer.

Step 11– After the scan is completed select your printer and click on continue.

Follow all the instruction correctly step-by-step to connect your printer to a wireless network. All the methods are tested and have worked for many Lexmark printer users. In case you are having troubles then leave a comment below or contact us through chat.

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