A PC (Personal Computer) is considered as the solution center of all technical issues. But if that computer becomes the problem issue, then users need Online Computer Help. Apart from local PC solution center, users try to meet an experienced professional online.

There are many PC online help center on the internet for giving solution to PC users. But all PC online help centers cannot meet the actual demand of PC users. PCASTA is such kind of online PC help center which gives you the quick troubleshooting of your pc.

Computer or in general a PC (Personal Computer) is known to offer a complete package of superior hardware and incredibly fast task speed in comparison to a laptop. All of us are around PC systems.

Computers play a very vital part in our daily life like those are very much dependent on a computer to handle day-to-day task such as performing a print-out to store and process information quickly.

Since the technology of PC has developed in terms of improved computing dynamic capability, there are many benefits or advantages of using a PC.

Some of the Advantages of Using a Online Computer Help are: –

advantages online computer help

Increase Productivity: With the help of PC or Computers, you can increase your work productivity like storing data, writing essential emails, quick calculations, and many more.

High Speed: PC’s are known for its ability to perform calculations of any size or type within seconds. The units of speed Computers have nanoseconds and microseconds.

Accuracy: Apart from the calculations, most of the tasks a computer does are error-free with 100% accuracy.

Connect you to the world: Connecting a computer to the internet is what opens the power of the PC. It helps you connect with people from all around the world through emails, messages, or social media.

Storage: A PC can store a large amount of data given the size of its hard disk drive. It can store any data which it can read like images, documents, audio, and video files.

But, in many cases, a computer may face issues and can create trouble in performing tasks. In such a period, it is vital to reboot a PC to fix any minor problems otherwise if not familiar with the PC settings; a user can contact PC Online Help from PCASTA.

Common PC/Computer Problems

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Computer problems are bound to happen within the lifetime of a system. Sooner or later, no matter what type of PC you’ve it’ll create glitches & hitches at the time when you need it the most. The PC/Computer problems are divided into two-part Computer Hardware Problems and Computer Software Problems.

Computer Hardware Problems

  1. Computer Auto-Shut Down
  2. PC not starting
  3. Blue Screen
  4. PC Overheating issue
  5. USB not supporting
  6. Computer beeping problems
  7. Keyboard, Mouse, Printer, or other external devices not working
  8. LAN card not working
  9. Black or Blank Monitor
  10. Motherboard Problems

Computer Software Problems

  1. Not enough space on PC
  2. Computer won’t connect to the internet
  3. Internet not working properly
  4. Browser crashes
  5. Internet Explorer is very slow
  6. Download takes forever to complete
  7. Popup ads on PC
  8. Can’t open email attachments
  9. Can’t find some of the old software and important files
  10. Images, Videos, and Audios cannot open in the computer

Apparently, these are some of the standard hardware and software issues a user’s faces while using a PC/Computer. When you need help upon troubleshooting of any of the complications in your PC instantly, you may get help with the PCASTA support associate on it. These types of services can be found to maintain the health of your PC by providing troubleshooting choices.

About PCASTA Online Computer Help

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The vast majority of small and medium-sized companies do not have their own IT. And this is a risk . Lack of foresight, protection and reaction capacity can lead to alarming data losses, putting business continuity at serious risk.

As the costs of having a IT staff are high, the best solution is looking for online computer help, that is, outsourcing to an agency with computer and software solution specialists for each type of common computer problems, whether it’s with your Windows OS or a MAC.

Let the PCASTA online computer team help you without having to wait for someone to go and see what the problem is. We will be able to connect to your team from our offices to provide solutions as soon as possible.

PCASTA offers IT assistance to solve IT problems and expand capabilities for PC work. Giving a concerted or instantaneous service over the Internet.

PCASTA is oriented to cover the IT needs of small companies and freelancers who do not have an IT specialist on their staff. Instructing and performing work such as: Backup copies, computer optimization, cleaning of viruses and annoying windows, computer work, small programs to automate your repetitive or heavy work, recovery of lost files or emails, emergency computing, essential security, and classes of computing.

What PCASTA Can Offer?

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In short, the lack of knowledge and advice can lead to a computer vulnerability in many SMEs. At PCASTA we take care of analyzing all the weaknesses of the company, putting the best remedies and offering solutions for every problem that arises on a day-to-day basis.


Get rid of annoying windows and programs. Don’t wait for them to take over your computer.


Configuration for copies, automatic or supervised. Never lose your important files.


Direct line with a computer scientist to help you with tasks, settings, programs, and whatever you need.


Make it easy to carry out tedious and repetitive tasks. Better that your computer works for you.


More performance by instructing you and optimizing your computer. Do more in less time and enjoy.


Your computer equipment has the power to do things you can’t imagine. Request assistance and take advantage of them.

Why Choose PCASTA PC Online Help

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Here at PCASTA for your online computer help, we do not claim ourselves as the PC repair technicians; instead, we consider ourselves as professional PC Online Help providers to any business or person. When you decide to work with us, you sign up for a lifetime of support for your systems without any long-term contracts. PCASTA has built a reputation for un-comprised PC Online Help support & services with 365 days guaranteed support. What makes us the best?

  1. Certified Computer and Laptop Professionals
  2. 100% On-call Support
  3. Trustworthy and Honest PC Online Help Services
  4. Guarantee
  5. Software Replacements and Fixation
  6. Unmatchable Safety and Security
  7. Protection from Online Viruses, Malware, and Spyware
  8. Fast Response to any requests
  9. Pure English and Easy Terms to help you understand the problems
  10. 365 days paramount support

The experienced professionals of PC have years of experience fixing technology-related issues with quick tips. Online PC help center of PCASTA will guide you with the best way of solving any PC errors. Facing problems PC problems, connect with PCASTA online chat support, and get the best solution for your problem from PCASTA.

The skilled, supportive, professional experts’ of PCASTA will diagnose your computer issues and troubleshooting network efficiently. So any online pc helps regarding software, anti-virus, printers, system, and this trusted website provides email support. Connect with us via our chat and get a solution.