Importing Old Contacts to New Email

We know that in ancient time people have to use “Pigeons” to make their communication with other. The time of using pigeons ended with the advent of the method of sending “Messengers”. “Post Mail” was introduced few decades ago & gained popularity among people. The development of Computer & Internet technology has introduced a new method of communications & it is Email.

Email commonly stands for Electronic Mail. This method is considered as the most effective method ever developed. The use & popularity of Email has been increasing since its inspection.

What is E-mail & What does it do?
The method of sending digital text messages from one place to another is known as Electronic Mail or E-Mail. It is a Internet based methods of communication.

♦ Helps us to send & receive text messages from any part of the world
♦ You can attach different types of files such as- word documents, spreadsheet, music, images, music, video clips & even small software. But the size should not exceed 25MB.
♦ It also provides the facilities of Live Chat or Instant Messaging

There are various Email service providers such as- Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc. all of these companies provide free service & any one can open account. Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Express has to be purchased. But Thunder bird is free for all & it is open source.

If you want to transfer the storage such as Contacts of your old mail account to new account, you have to follow some procedures. Don’t have any idea about how to import Contacts from old email account? If yes, then you should Contact with PCASTA. it is a well known live tech support company who is committed to provide best support for importing old contact to new mail.

Want to know how to import contacts from old mail account to new Gmail account? Then follow the following steps-

  • You have to login to your Gmail account
  • Then go to setting option
  • Click your account & Import the desired Tab
  • Select Import mail & Contacts
  • Give the email address from which you want to import the necessary Contacts
  • Give the password of that account
  • Finally select the Contact you want to import

Import Contact from other mail account to Yahoo Mail-

  • First of all click on the option
  • Choose mail option
  • Select Contact options
  • Select Export/Import
  • Select the type of the application you want to import
  • Export the Contact information you want to transfer other account & you should save it to your computer
  • Define the file to import
  • Click the “Import Now” button


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