What is Google Apps?

If you are not known about Cloud Computing, then Google Apps is here to introduce with new technology of Cloud Computing. The service might be used by you though you are not aware of it.

What is Cloud Computing?
Cloud computing is new form of technology for controlling data and applications through the central remote servers and internet. Cloud computing is also known as “Software-as-service”. Using an internet or web connection anyone can easily access to this IT application from anywhere. The cloud shape of diagrams and flowcharts is the reason of naming Cloud Computing. From now for accessing and using Google apps, the employers need not to be in office premises. Get an access to the Google Apps services from anywhere in the world with your laptop, PC or smart phone if you have an internet connection device. Cloud computing includes three segments: storage, connectivity and application serving for three different purposes.
Google Apps with cloud technology provides outstanding experience for its users. This amazing cloud computing concepts are followed by Google Apps. You may have experience of using Gmail, Google contacts, Google calendar and but not as a service.

So what is Google Apps?
An organized version of different Google Products developed by Google is known as Google Apps. According to Google, “Google Apps is our most basic messaging and collaboration solution”. The consumers and businessmen can use Google Apps and access their individual files without installation over an internet connection. These apps are also featured for friends or family members.

By delivering a number of different tastes of packages, Google Apps are now popular with its users. Distinguished companies, enterprise business, small and medium businesses have 30 days free trial version of using Google Apps. Though it is a 30 day trial version, the users must register the domain for $10. Two plans for payment including flexible plan and annual payment plan are also offered by Google Apps.

The opportunities of using Google Apps-

  • You will have a big storage facility.
  • 365 days any technical support services at anytime
  • A free version of 30 days while launching
  • Standard or custom solutions
  • The combination of IT applications with Google Apps which is used by user
  • Filtering unwanted programs or worms while downloading

Google Apps give you a great comfort by providing solution as easy as possible. Google Apps functions as new server. By synchronizing with another application server, it lessens your work. After synchronization, the second application address book will be updated on Google contacts. It’s really a saving-time process.