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Network Support


If you are facing issues working on Network or any network related issues we are here for you to provide you the premium support

It’s not unusual that when people read or sight a Network Support company, such as PCASTA®, advertisement either on internet or a local newspaper we do not pay much heed towards getting more details unless we own a business or work in the relevant field.

This is actually the main misconception which people have towards companies which fix network problems or fix network errors for their clients.

The reason is because the selection of a good network support institution has a major impact on residential computing architecture as well with the involvement of ADSL and other internet services increasing even within the same house people can save a considerable amount of money by getting the skills and expertise of a reputed network support provider.

Problems that people face:

The common issue that people face is related to the wiring requirements and the jostling dreaded jam of computer wires and cables all over the places where computing and network devices are laid. Even wireless technologies also require a certain amount of cabling such as switches, routers, patch panels etc. The best and the most economical way by which this could be sorted out would be by getting professional feedback regarding the particular issue.

Although it seems that since a professional would charge more than planning the network ourselves yet the consequences or the possibility of doing a certain task incorrectly would be very high. As a result, the cost and effort that would be needed to overcome these mishaps can even exceed the cost which would have been incurred in hiring a professional.

Some of the best network device manufacturers who produce some of the best solution to various networking devices includes, Netgear®, Belkin®, Linksys®, etc. The selection of the proper device varies according to the equipment and the budget of the client because for certain products such as routers a good option would be to use Linksys®, however if its too expensive and does not meet the budgetary restrictions of the client then another brand could be chosen.

Furthermore especially in the cases of network error detection systems and software firewall programs which considerably large offices install, the selection of those software’s (i.e. Semantic®, Kaspersky® etc) also affects the choice of hardware devices that are best suit to gain maximum benefit from the system. This further shows another reason for which an effective network solution provider is very important when designing, planning, and implementing or even maintaining network architecture for an organisation or residence.

Solution to the problems

Although its not possible to elucidate every single requirement of the client, yet its possible to have an understanding about the basic requirements which almost all clients expect from the network solution. Examples of some of these common requirements includes, system backup, router configuration, setting up wireless routers, installing either wired or wireless home network system, implementing Ethernet, bridging up two or more computers, configuring remote access to computers, setting up Network Channel interference, repairing broken DNS Relay function, providing wireless technical support etc.

Additionally you should also note that we at PCASTA® do not only provide our clients with the solution but we also take measures to assure that we fix the problem to your satisfaction. This provides the ability for us to diagnose the problems or issues, optimize the existing software or hardware, repair relevant devices or install necessary parts or components before coming up with the best network solution to match the requirements of the customer.

Although it may seem that when clients (especially from large organizations) give more information regarding the structure of their companies network layout to strangers as being risky, this is not the case as we value every single fact that we obtain from each client and never use it as a solution or even an example for another client at any circumstance.

It’s so hard these days to find a company that works with full dedication for customer service and providing a product at a fair rate to consumers. Thank you PCASTA for being that company.
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