Email Spam Blockers and Filters

Email Spam Blockers and Filters

Email Spam Blockers and Filters

“Everything introduced by technology has more drawbacks than benefits”, you must have heard that saying before by any of your colleagues or parents. When it comes to email, the first disadvantage which comes to mind is that of spam also known as junk mail. In the case of snail mail however this is negligible and even not present at all since people not only need to spend a certain amount of money and effort to deliver the message but also it was not a trend to receive unknown mails from the postman during the past.

However due to the fact that email is completely free and does not require any charges whatsoever for the sender or for the receiver, people are also more inclined to send and receive more messages than snail mail. With the increase in internet marketing, junk mails have also increased for advertising new products and services at minimal cost to a larger audience. It is here where the use of email spam blockers or sometimes known as spam filters in larger organisations come into play.

Use of email spam blockers

The primary purpose of both of these email spam blockers and spam filters are the same, to eradicate unwanted or junk mails from the inbox. The difference therefore lies in the way in which they function. Email spam filters are commonly found in email clients and residential email support software programs. The task which is performed here is to segregate the junk mail from the good ones by using a complex algorithm specifically designed for this purpose in reading email headers etc to get the desired results.

On the other hand, email spam blockers, provide the ability to permanently separate junk email and send only the real good message to the client. As a result the email client would never receive any spam since the email spam blocker will retain it by itself.

Drawback of spam blocker

However a possible disadvantage of an email spam blocker system is that sometimes it may also be possible that good emails are also separated as being junk and not forwarded to the desired individual at all! This has led to several problems and even client reputation and employee reputation damages as well.

Therefore it is important to use a good email spam blocker system such as PCASTA® in order to maintain high accuracy and integrity with the best suited and regularly updated algorithms at all times.

As it’s a common fact that as email has become so popular nowadays due to its accessibility, it has also become a breeding ground for threats, hackers and even fraudulent activities as well. Hackers and crackers have also evolved and continue to evolve in getting cannier in using more covert techniques (such as songs, images, banners) of getting their ulterior motives and objectives successful. Therefore the reason for the increase in spam is in order to cover the perilous intents of the hacker.


Therefore in conclusion we can say that the use of the PCASTA system for email spam blocking also provides some other customer benefits as well which includes, configuring spam blocker with the existing system, installation or un-installation of a spam blocker to a given system. Also the ability to get almost any kind of issue diagnose by professionals to determine whether it needs a fix, repair or upgrade and to what extent, whereever applicable.

This is the reason that an organization should use it due to the effectiveness and the efficiency it provides towards segregating and removing unnecessary message from the inbox. Also it saves the users time of going through a huge bulk of unwanted emails at a daily pace, which also ultimately consume a significant amount of disk space as well.

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