Viruses are microorganisms like bacteria that exist in this universe along with other organisms. Some viruses are dangerous to human health. These viruses attack human body and destabilize the mechanisms of vital body parts. There are both preventive as well as removal mechanisms in the medical system. One way is to vaccinate the human body against these viruses. With the advent of the computers and software, last two decades witnessed enormous growth of computers for usage and human dependence also had grown miraculously on these computing machines. There are several gadgets available for usage like desktop computers, laptop computing machines and even tablets. Smartphones also can be used like personal computers for various purposes.

Now billions of   human beings are connected through broad band networks all over the world and there are millions of websites available for humans to browse whether to know about a product or a service. But always new technologies bring new challenges to humanity. Atomic power which is used to generate electricity can also be used as a bomb for destructive purpose. In the same way there are some perverted minds existing all over the world who are computer professionals use their minds for various wrong and nefarious activities. They are called hackers.

They decode the passwords of people and enter their private cyber space like thieves or intruders. They create nefarious computer programs and attack the innocent computers users and spread viruses to paralyze their systems. They are dangerous in several ways. Now several people use their computers for financial transactions like payments of bills, transfer moneys to other accounts, settle transactions etc. they are not computer experts and hence never realize the potential dangers from the cyber hackers.

Like human body computer also needs a good firewall and antivirus programs to protect from the intruders. There are several antispyware or antivirus software available in the market either in the soft copy form or through various websites the user can download by paying money on internet. Different types of antivirus software are available for various security purposes. It all depends on the requirements of the user and his safety mechanisms. But in this market also there are several dubious and rogue elements that enter the computer space unethically and flash about their services. They appear on the screen like pop ups saying that several files of the system are corrupt and hence offer free scan to fix.  Several innocent users take the service and scan their systems to find for their surprise a statement saying that several of the files are infested with viruses. They feel panicky and pay on internet and take the services of this false antivirus software.

One such software is AV Security 2012 Virus removal and this hoax antivirus program allows a free trial scan and gives false information. Hence it is very important for the user to make his system free from Security 2012 Virus Removal program. The security of the computer system is as important as the security of the individual body health. Every computer user need not be technically qualified to choose and select the correct security system suitable for the safety of his computer and his personal data. There are some very good and educative sites available making some good antivirus software products. The user should take proper advice from experts before finalizing the product suitable for his computer. Considering PCASTA for the expert service and support in this case can be a wise decision as they ensure quality and effectiveness in their service.

Several people are doing very important financial transactions also on computers and hence should take every care from unethical hackers and counterfeit software products to protect their computer systems. Before installing a good antivirus software product AV Security 2012 Virus Removal is a first step towards achieving perfect result.