Thunderbird Email Client

Thunderbird Email Client

Thunderbird Email Client

Electronic Mail or E-Mail helps us to send or receive digital text messages from one parts of the world. It is fast, easy & secure. You can attach different types of files such as word documents, spreadsheet, PowerPoint slide, music, songs, videos & even small software. But the file you are going to attach should not exceed 25MB in size. E-Mail mainly uses Computer Network & Internet to perform its activity.

Many well known software manufacturer of the world started to develop various “E-Mail Client” since the inspection of E-Mail. The purpose of E-Mail client is to help the user to receive, send & attach mails. There are many email client in the web such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. all of the email clients are free & anyone can open account in any client they want. You will find some internal email clients such as Outlook & Outlook Express of Microsoft Corporation, Thunderbird of Mozilla. The unique feature of Mozilla Thunderbird is that it is free for all & open source. This means that you do not have to pay Mozilla if you want to use Thunderbird. You can easily personalize it in the way you want.

Don’t have any idea about how to use Thunderbird email client? Want to know it? if yes, then you can easily use if by following techniques-

Backup your profile of Mozilla Thunderbird:

Select Mozilla Thunderbird. Open the profile directory of Mozilla Thunderbird. Choose all files & folders in it. Copy the files to the place where you want to save in your PC.

Finding your profile directory:

Open Run command & type %appdata%. Go to the thunderbird folder & then go to the profile folder.

Importing email from Thunderbird to Gmail:

In Mozilla Thunderbird, setup your Gmail as IMAP account. Open the message folder & choose the message you wish to import. Choose messages from the menu. Finally, copy & give the desired Gmail folder.
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