Reasons of having good Email Security


Reasons of having good Email Security

A few decades ago people used email mainly to transfer large files or to send information rapidly in quite large organizations and other institutions only. With the rapid expansion of the internet and the necessity to transfer files and information quickly email began to be used by more and more people around the world. Consequently, today email has become one of the best ways of sending confidential files, accounts records, contact information as well as other kinds of privacy related data.

Although it takes almost negligible time to be delivered to the other end when compared to snail mail, it also has to pass through a similar set of “culprits” and “thieves” during its journey on web as well. This is because more and more hackers are increasing online everyday and when more confidential records are passed around in their presence it’s highly essential to take the relevant measures to counter and over come these email security problems. The need for ensuring a secure transmission of the email has also increased over time and presently over the recent decade it has become a norm for every single residential anti virus product or email client to provide some form of security to the emails. In addition to security people also tend to receive unnecessary emails from sources which do not concern them at all, which is generally known as spam. As spam mail is increasing day by day, it also has its own significant role in typical email security support software available in the market nowadays.

Some of the common features provided by these kinds of software used to combat email security problems faced by many individuals these days includes, scrutinising the inbound emails intensively, preventing data loss in outbound email, powerful and robust cloud/appliance hybrid management capabilities etc. Though these may appear to be irrelevant to email security support required to overcome a certain situation, it actually has a major role towards the success of a good email security software or hardware system. The reason hardware was also mentioned here is because theoretically it’s also possible to configure certain network devices to block all spam mail for instance, or else to automatically detect suspicious activity in the particular email message.

Most people think that email security is also needed for securing the message, images and any attachments of the given message. However this is not the case as email security has also to be implemented in assuring the integrity and the security of the entire email message and that includes the header information as well. The reason for which the header information needs to be secured is because of the fact that hackers and other threats also try to modify this header information of a certain email message and thereafter change the sending date, the recipient emails, or even simply extract relevant confidential data from the message without causing any changed to the email. As a result efficient email security software such as PCASTA® should provide all of these benefits in order to meet the demands of the end user completely, and at all instances.

Another possible issue that could be faced as a result of poor email security in an organization relates to the fact that since the network administrators are primarily in charge of a companies email management, its possible that these individuals may also use certain kinds of software programs in order to log into the mail account of the CEO or director in order to get confidential information they require. These are yet but only some of the features that should be present in a good email security program as the number of threats online and even within a private network keeps increasing by the second its essential for PCASTA® and other vendors to improve their system for the better continually to satisfy demands of every client in the market.

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