Outlook 2010 Connection Failure Support

Outlook 2010 Connection Failure Support

Outlook 2010 Connection Failure Support

No doubt that the computer has become the most useful tool of our day to day life. But there is no such computer user who has never faced any technical problem or issue. But these computer technical issues are not decided, it happens eventually and if not get solved in time then it may be the reason of some other crucial technical problems. All the technical issues appear due to lack in proper maintenance, improper using or other environmental reasons. As a computer runs using hardware and software components, any compatibility issue between these two can cause malfunction.

Using email for personal and professional purpose is a common phenomenon at present. To do this all of us use an email client which is built in in our operating system such as Microsoft Outlook Express of Windows OS, Apple Mail for MAC OS and other such email client. There are also free open source email client like Mozilla Thunderbird.

But being software any one of these email client can encounter technical problem. Microsoft Outlook also has such irritating issues when it shows error messages and stops working. But the most common and most irritating one you may have experienced is that the outlook is unable to connect to mail server. Especially if it happens when you are in a hurry it becomes disgusting.

If you are facing such issue frequently then no need to worry any more. Just come to PCASTA and get your problem solved right now. You can fix this problem in a number of ways but follow the instructions below to do effectively.

It’s better to fix the problem by deleting the old account (it doesn’t mean that your email account will be deleted forever)
To do this go to ‘file’
Select ‘account setting’
Now select which account you want to delete and click ‘change’ on the upper part
But never forget to collect the password, user name, outgoing server, incoming server and other necessary information before deleting
Now close the window by clicking ‘cancel’
Go to ‘file’ again and click account setting
Now highlight the account which you wanted to delete and click remove
Again go to ‘file’ and then account setting
Now click to add the new account
Here you have to add the information which you collected before deleting the account
After creating the new account all your problems will be solved.

If you still can’t get rid of the problem or can’t execute the steps properly contact PCASTA for expert support.

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