How to Repair Corrupted Outlook Express

How to Repair Corrupted Outlook Express

How to Repair Corrupted Outlook Express

Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Express both are considered as internal mail client of Microsoft Corporation. Both are designed & developed by Microsoft for the convenience of the users. But there some basic difference between these two application software. You may be familiar with Microsoft Outlook because it is includes the office package of Microsoft. On the other hand Microsoft Outlook Express is a application tool which arrives along with various versions of Microsoft Windows Operating System including older versions. It is mainly connects with Internet Explorer.

You do not find Microsoft Outlook Express in the latest versions of Windows Operating System. It was first released with Microsoft Windows 98, Windows Millennium Edition & Windows 2000 operating system. Although Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Express are not same, there are some similarities between them.

Microsoft developed Outlook Express was mainly for personal use. On the other hand Microsoft Outlook is there for professionals. Microsoft Outlook is equipped with some advanced & sophisticated specifications that may not exist in Microsoft Outlook Express. In Microsoft Outlook, you can easily create reminders, task & other additional official stuff. But both Outlook & Outlook Express allow the users to use address book so that they can easily list the contacts.

It would be the best decision for you to choose Microsoft Outlook Express if you need one of the following functions-

♦ Facilities to use Internet
♦ Best Email facility
♦ Functionality for news group

Outlook Express can easily be used in any internet standard system such as SMTP, IMAP & POP3. It also allows you to edit HTML so that you can easily personalize your mails.

Facing the problems of corrupted Outlook Express? Don’t worry; follow the following steps to fix the Issue-

♦ Delete all temporary internal files:

Open Internet Explorer. Select Internet Options from the tools menu. Go to general tab. Select delete files to delete temporary internal files. Then check “Delete all offline content” in the pop-up window which will clear the temporary files kept by Outlook Express.

♦ Compact all folders:

The main index file of the folder that stores messages is “Folders.dbx”. outlook Express may react ridiculously if it contains damaged entries.

♦ Re-register the libraries:

Open run command box & then write “msimn/reg”. You may not see the changes. Open Internet Explorer & click options from the tool menu. Go to the program tab & choose Outlook Express as default email & news mail client.

♦ Re-register Outlook Express.

♦ Create New Identity:

Create new identity will automatically create a new message store folder & new registry keys.

♦ Reinstall Outlook Express:

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