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Fake warning message

Warning! Identity Theft Attempt Detected is a fake malicious warning which can be caused because of a number of fake programs. Usually this fake warning message is created due to different types of malware. Such type of programs can be downloaded from malicious websites with freeware and other types of downloads. If you see any messages or warnings of this type, you need to be really aware. These programs are crafted to steal valuable information related to credit cards, bank accounts and they can really get you robbed. Besides, they are also configured in ways that they are able to destroy your system.

This is a way to make users believe that their computer is in risk of getting hacked or badly infected. This can be used to convince users to download and purchase fake programs that come as legitimate security programs. If you see any warning of this type in your computer, do not trust them. Many people buy the products being deceived and end up losing their bank account information or other valuable information.

These types of malicious programs slow down the performance of the computer. They also show different types of error messages or warnings. These are all ways to make you believe that your computer is highly infected and you need to buy some security product to save it. Do not get convinced and step into their trap. Such types of programs must be removed from the computer. But like all other spyware and malware, they are quite tough and tricky to get rid of. They require editing or deleting some important DLL files or registry files. In these steps, any mistake can lead to major problems related to the computer system. It is recommended to use professional hands in removing all these.

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Google Redirect Virus Removal: Stay safe from this virus

Google Redirect is a new type of virus. Many antivirus programs which are widely used are unable to detect this virus. So it spreads easily without facing any barrier. You can easily understand the presence of this virus in your computer. Whenever you click on any search result in Google, it will take you to some random link. No matter how many different links you click, you will get the same result and will be taken to the link as specified by the Google Redirect Virus.

This virus is designed in a way so that it can make money. As it redirects you to a specific link, it increases the web traffic of that specified website. Besides, it also leads to websites of useless products. It is also used to trick the users to buy worthless products. While the users may think that using those products might help them get rid of the situation, the results will be negative. They will end up increasing the level of threat on their computer as this virus convinces users to purchase additional malwares or unwanted programs.

Many antivirus programs are not powerful enough to detect and remove this threat, but some other antivirus programs can detect it. Google redirect virus removal might prove to be difficult for new computer users.It is crafted and designed in ways that it becomes very tough to remove. You cannot remove this program using the usual un-installation procedures. But you will not want to keep a malicious program like this in your computer. If you fail to remove this program on your own, it is recommended to take the consult or help of a computer security expert.

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