How to Transfer Details From Outlook to Apple Mail

How to Transfer Details From Outlook to Apple Mail

How to Transfer Details From Outlook to Apple Mail

As a large number of people use Microsoft Windows operating system they also use the Outlook Express as their default email client as it comes with the Windows operating system as default. But those who use Apple’s computer either desktop or laptop use the Apple mail which is the default email client of the Apple’s operating system. Both these two leading email clients have their special features and facilities.

But problems arise when you change your computer or email client. As you have stored all your data into your present email client it becomes difficult to transfer all those data from the present client to the new email client.
Microsoft Outlook Express is the official email clients from Microsoft and commonly it is used by users for personal purposes. But when you are changing your pc or shifting from Microsoft windows to Apple’s operating system then you will have to transfer all your contact info, data, stored files and other information from your windows Outlook express to Apple mail.

But for a general user it may be confusing or it may also be a bit difficult to perform this activity. Don’t worry; there are a numbers of ways to perform this task. Just get the best one here to transfer all your important data.
To import all your data from Microsoft outlook express to Apple mail email client you can take help from the Mozilla Thunderbird.

To do this just follow the instruction below and have your issue solved in no time.

♦ First of all download and install the Mozilla Thunderbird program in the computer where the Microsoft Outlook Express is already installed.
♦ Now just import the Microsoft outlook express to the Mozilla thunderbird
♦ Now you can copy your full email profile or compress and copy your profile to transfer. If your computer is in a   shared network you can make use of the network to do this. You can also use a USB drive to copy and transfer the copied profile.
♦ Now import your email profile to your new email client and to do this choose the Mozilla Thunderbird and direct to the location where the decompressed file located on your computer.

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